"Dance has always held a special place in my heart, as it allows us to express ourselves; our dreams, our successes, our fears, our sadness, and everything in-between without ever needing to find the 'right words', we just show it; allow the movement to do the speaking for us".


Mrs. Dawn feels so privileged to be a part of a dancer's journey and join the Studio 360 family where she can blend her love of dance with her passion of honoring the whole person to grow and express themselves. Mrs. Dawn started dancing when she was six after seeing the Nutcracker and falling in love with ballet. As she got older she branched into various styles from tap and ballet to jazz, lyrical, and pointe. In high school she competed on the dance team learning poms and hip hop, then on her collegiate team and finally on a local professional team before moving out of state to pursue her masters. Mrs. Dawn currently works as a children's mental health therapist and supervisor for Tanager Place's school based program and loves spending time with her two daughters and husband.