What it Means to be 360

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

Walking into the studio you may simply think you are bringing your dancer to learn how to master a skill, do some steps to a song, and socialize with their peers. But if you look a little deeper you will see your dancer learning lessons that will shape them for their future life.

  • You see them watching another dancer, but really they are learning how to be a supportive teammate and friend.

  • You see them try a new ballet combination, but really you are watching them be fearless and open minded to try new things.

  • You see them fall after a turn, but really you are watching them learn from their mistakes and get back up again.

  • You see them say thank you to their instructors, but really you are watching them learn how to be grateful for what they have in their life.

  • You get them dressed according to dress code and their hair in a bun, but you are really teaching them about responsibilities and professionalism.

  • You see them improve each week as they continue to work towards their performance goals, but really you are watching them work hard for a goal that they have set for themselves and their teammates. Accomplishing their goal will give them confidence to make bigger goals!

  • Your dancer may be inspired to be the next American Ballet Theater Principal Dancer Misty Copland or they might be the next teacher in our community, but no matter where life takes them the skills and lessons they learn each week in dance class will stay with them forever.

Each dancer has a story. Each dancer has a vision. Each dancer is unique and has the ability to choose a path for their lives.

What does 360 mean? 

When you look at a circle the circle is endless. Just like the skills that your dancer will posses after taking dance at Studio 360. The circle can also mean that your dancer is able to experience all of the different opportunities that we offer at Studio 360. Maybe your dancer just wants to have fun taking one or two classes a week to have a positive activity throughout the year…we have a class for you! Maybe your dancer is more competitive and wants to dance at conventions and competitions to learn more advanced technical skills…we have a Company for you. Maybe your dancer wants to dance for their school or college someday…we have Hawk All Stars for you. Maybe your dancer wants to study ballet and participate in summer intensives across the nation…we can help you! The circle shows that at Studio 360 each dancers path can be unique!

Create: Dance is a way to communicate to others. Dance is a way for dancers to express their emotions through movement and it doesn’t include social media or texting. At Studio 360 one of our missions is to create a generation that has good morals and will help shape our future world.

Educate: Education is essential to their future lives.Teaching character through dance is a way to help them create a better future for themselves and others. We teach the proper technique that is safe and effective for the dancer. Our professional and trained staff works endlessly to learn and grow as professionals to ensure that dancers are trained correctly and safely! We educate the whole dancer…mind, body, and soul.

Inspire: Each staff members goal is to inspire and empower the dancer to have confidence in every walk of their lives. Inspire them to try new things, inspire to be kind to others, inspire them to dream big and not be scared to chase after those dreams.

We began a year ago with the vision to inspire a community and help change the lives of every student that walks through the doors. It takes a village to raise a child and we are fortunate that we get to be part of that village.

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