Recording Tips


Turn phone to horizontal recording. Make sure you get the dancers whole body. 


Lighting. Have lighting be in front of dancer out of the video for best lighting results. 


Use the music from the uploaded teacher pages. If using video to follow along please be sure that sound is off on video. Use the separate music file for recoding.


Make sure to clear a safe area for your dancer to perform. Move furniture and keep animals out of the performance areas.


Dress your dancer in their costume, tights, and shoes. Hair and makeup should be just like the stage! 


Download your dancers video into your class Google Drive no later than June 7th. 


Complete the Google sheet to verify that your dancer is participating in the virtual recital and date! 

Video Download

360 recital 2019-08678.JPG

Monday Classes

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Tuesday Classes

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Wednesday Classes

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Thursday Classes

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Friday Classes

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Sunday Classes


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