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Acro dancers on stage


Acro is a rapidly growing genre in dance! Acro is a great way for dancers to focus on building their strength and flexibility as well as learn and master tumbling skills such as (aerials, walk overs, back handsprings, back tucks). Dancers will experience a more “gymnastics feel” to this class as well as connect tumbling into a dance routine! 

Class Details:  

Level placements is required by Studio 360 instructors. Levels vary not by age but by skill level. As dancers master skills in each level they will move up.  


Studio 360 Black Leotard or black sports bra

Black leggings or spandex shorts (No tights)

Hair in a tight secure LOW bun is required


  • What ages are Regional Team dancers?
    Dancers can start at the age of 4 and can participate until they are 18!
  • How many competitions do Regional dancers compete at?
    Regional teams compete at 3 local competitions. All local competitions will be in Iowa. In addition, Regional teams will perform at Recital in June.
  • How many routines do Regional dancers compete?
    Encore dancers learn 1 to 3 routines. Family preference/budget will be taken into consideration when making placements.
  • Do all dancers make the Regional Team?
    Dancers will auditions for the team and a spot on a team is not guaranteed.
  • What apparel do I need?
    You can find all the 360 All Star apparel in the 360 Boutique! Shop in store or online!
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