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Joining our 360 Nationals Team isn't just about dance—it's about joining a supportive community focused on growth, teamwork, and leadership.

Unmatched Skill Development: Training at the highest level to gain the techniques and skills to help dancers achieve their dance dreams. Dancers leave our program with the skills required to compete on the best D1 College Dance Teams and Professional Teams in the nation. 

Team Collaboration: Embrace teamwork values that foster collaboration and support within our elite environment.

Direct Path to Success: Prepare for collegiate and professional dance opportunities through specialized training and exposure.

Holistic Coaching Approach: Our dedicated coaches focus on enhancing your technique, performance, and mindset. 

Industry Exposure: Our Staff collaborates and connects with top guest instructors and national-winning choreographers from around the nation, including college dancers and D1 College coaches. 

Compete at the Highest Level: Set your sights on dancing with a World Team, experiencing unmatched competition and growth opportunities. 

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  • What ages are Regional Team dancers?
    Dancers are required to audition in their age group. Age groups are determined by the USASF rules. Dancers are not allowed to dance in a lower age division. Dancers with higher level skill level may be invited to compete as a crossover in a higher age group in addition to their age level routines. TINY Ages 5 - 7 Birth Year 2017 - 2019 MINI Ages 7 - 9 Birth Year 2014 - 2016 YOUTH Ages 10 - 13 Birth Years 2011 - 2013 JUNIORS Ages 14 - 16 Birth Years 2008 - 2010 SENIORS Ages 16+ Birth Years 2004 - 2007
  • How many competitions do Regional dancers compete at?
    Regional teams compete at 3 USASF sanctioned competitions in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Des Moines. Dancers also perform in the All Star showcase in January, Recital in June, and 1 - 2 local community events.
  • How many routines do Regional dancers compete?
    Regional dancers learn 2 routines. At least one routine will be in the style of Pom. Pom is similar to high school and college dance team style routines!
  • Do all dancers make the Regional Team?
    Dancers will auditions for the team, dancers will be invited to be on the regional competitive team or the Performance Team. We understand that being on an All Star team is a commitment for the dancer and their family. Dancers are placed where they will be able to grow and reach their personal success.

Want to be a 360 All Star? Audition for our 2024-2025 teams!

Auditions will be May 10th & 11th, 2024

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