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Why Does Studio 360 Have an Injury Protocol?

Receiving safe and effective training is at the forefront of the Studio 360 mission. Despite taking the utmost care and attention to our dancers safety, sometimes accidents happen. We have developed this injury protocol to support our dancers through the difficult time of having an injury. From a rolled ankle to a broken bone, our injury protocol is designed to support your dancer with safety and recovery in mind; to get your dancer back to what they love with support for their mental and physical state. Our goal in implementing this injury protocol if for dancers to learn how to respect their body and continue to participate in class in a safe and effective manner, regardless of where they are at on their recovery journey 


Te definition of injury in this instance is: "Any pain or discomfort resulting from either a trauma (such as a fall) or overuse which prevents the athlete from dancing to their fullest ability."

*Please note an injured student may not dance fully in class without a doctors note clearing them for dance specific activity 

*A brace, KTape, or wrap may not be worn during class without a doctors note. These aids can restrict movement and can cause further injury if not used appropriately

Injury Protocol Flow Chart (1).png

Rebecca Strabala

PT, DPT at Mercy Health Plaza

At Studio 360, we are proud to offer our connection to Rebecca Strabala in case of injury. Rebecca has extensive knowledge on dance-related injuries and works with our in-studio injury specialist to communicate the best path to recovery for our dancers. Rebecca now has additional availability for dance rehabilitation services at her North Liberty clinic, in addition to her Cedar Rapids clinic. Click HERE to learn more and book an appointment.

Mercy Physical Therapy

Core Fitness 1395 Jordan St

North Liberty, Iowa

(319) 665-2177

Mercy Health Plaza

5264 Council Street NE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

(319) 398-6020

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Rebecca Strabala, PT, DPT

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