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Ballet Conservatory classes are led by our American Ballet Theater certified director Ms. Porita Wade. Dancers in conservatory ballet will have an in-depth exploration of the foundation of dance, working from ABT’s most prestigious and distinguished curriculum. This includes studying the body to help them use their bodies optimally for dance performances. It's an incredible opportunity for our students to develop their skills and become proficient ballet dancers! 


The American Ballet Theater curriculum is renowned for its unique approach to ballet education. Through the ABT program, students are taught about body mechanics, posture, alignment and coordination, music theory, performance techniques and more. This curriculum focuses on improving the overall quality of the dancer's technique and performance, allowing them to achieve a higher level of artistry and expressiveness while on stage. By being trained in this method of ballet education, dancers can become well-rounded professional performers who are prepared for any challenge they may face.


At the Ballet Conservatory, dancers are split into classes based on their personal level of technique—not their age. This allows dancers to progress naturally through the curriculum at their own pace, without feeling rushed or behind. To ensure the highest quality of instruction, dancers must be ages 7 or older. 


The dancers at the Ballet Conservatory participate in two productions such as the 360 Nutcracker in December and two of Studio 360's Spring Annual Recitals in June. Dancers audition for different roles in these productions throughout the season. 


The dancers at the Ballet Conservatory participate in 2 - 4 extra rehearsals before each production, in addition to their weekly classes. This provides them with additional practice and an opportunity to hone their craft, ensuring that they are well-prepared for performances and get the most out of them.

Class Details: 

Level placements is required by Studio 360 instructors on average dancers require two years in each level in order to successfully demonstrate proficiency according to syllabus standards. 


Studio 360 black leotard 

Pink Canvas Ballet Shoes 

Classic Pink Tights 

*Hair in tight secure bun is required

Skin Matching Shoes/Tights are available upon request

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