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Studio 360 2023 Recital

The Studio 360 Recital is the perfect platform to showcase our dancer's talent, skill and passion! From each graceful jump to every powerful turn, we celebrate the hard work, growth and dedication of each of our 360 dancers.

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Important Pre-Performance Dates

Monday, May 22nd - 25th

Recital Hair is required. Makeup is not required 

Studio Dress Rehearsal - Dancers wear costumes to class. 

Solon - Dancers will wear costumes to final class at Community Center.

Tuesday, May 30th - Thursday, June 1st 

Dress Rehearsal & Pictures @ Prairie High School Concert Hall 

Recital Dates

Show Day/Times

Friday, June 2nd @ 6pm 

Saturday, June 3rd @ 10am 

Saturday, June 3rd @ 2pm

Saturday, June 3rd @ 6pm 

Doors open 30 minutes prior to show. 


Prairie High School
401 76th Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404


It's important to take care of any costumes your dancer is given. Each costume comes home with a hanger, clear plastic bag and a tag that details what your dancer should expect in their package (tights, shoes and accessories). Here are some simple steps you can take to help ensure that the costume remains in the best condition: 

Storing Your Costume

When not in use, it's important to store your dancer's costume in a safe area. The costume should be hung up away from any animals and avoid smashing or cramming into a closet. This will ensure that your dancer looks their best for performances and won't have any unwanted creases or wrinkles! Store the costume away from direct sunlight or sources of heat or moisture to reduce fading and deterioration. We cannot replace lost costumes or accessories so it's important to help your dancer keep their costume organized to avoid any items being misplaced.​ Label all pieces of the costume including tights, shoes and bags with your student’s name. 



It's important that your dancer has the right costume pieces to ensure they look their best on stage. Tights are lined and do not need additional underwear - leotards are built into most costumes for convenience. Older students who need to wear a bra must ensure that it is nude with clear straps which can be purchased online at the 360 Boutique. Boys wearing pants may need a matching belt to keep pants secure. 


Recital Day Reminders 

It's important to take care of your dancer's costume. Avoid eating in costume and if necessary, wear a cover up such as a recital shirt to avoid any spills or staining the fabric. Similarly, rough housing in costume should also be avoided as this can damage the fabric and create tears or holes in the material.

When it comes to accessories, no jewelry is allowed aside from jewelry associated with the costume. Clear/nude fingernail and toe polish only allowed and nails should be clipped to fingertip length. All hair pieces must also be securely held in place with bobby pins, while all skirts must be pinned on the dancers' hips to ensure that they stay in place throughout the performance.

Recital Tights

It's important that your dancer has the right kind of tights for their performance. If tights are required, they will come with the costume. Keep recital tights in their package until dress rehearsal - we are unable to exchange them once they have been opened. To avoid any confusion, please hang the appropriate tights with the costume so your dancer knows which tights they need to use for each costume.


It's important that all dancers have the Studio 360 required shoes to wear for their performance. Shoes should be in good condition and fit correctly. Tap shoes must also be of the new style tap shoe. To avoid any mix ups, please make sure to label all dance shoes with your student's first and last name!

Slicked middle part, low Bun (nape of the neck) pin or spray down all loose hair that can’t be pulled back. Hair and accessory information will be included on the costume information sheet that is sent home with the costume.



Makeup will be available to purchase at Studio 360. The Pretty Lane continues their partnership with Studio 360 and provides organic, healthy, and quality makeup for our dancers.  View the makeup tutorial to be recital day ready! 

Ticket Sales

In order to make the day as easy and stress-free as possible for audience members, we are offering online tickets only. Cash and checks will not be accepted. Tickets go on sale March 25th at 8am for current Studio 360 families, while tickets will become available to the public on April 1st at 8am. Ticket link will be posted online and emailed to families. 

Pre-Purchased Tickets

$15/Adults + Tax & Fees

$13/Students + Tax & Fees

Door Tickets

$18/Adults + Tax & Fees

$15/Students + Tax & Fees

3 and Under do not need tickets. 

All tickets are non-refundable.

Dancers in show do not need a ticket. 

Dress Rehearsal Procedures

Attending dress rehearsal is crucial for any dancer taking part in the recital. It provides an opportunity to practice in full costume and makeup, ensuring that you are ready for the big day. Make sure to take advantage of this important step on your way to success! Students must arrive in costume, as well as hair and makeup ready at their scheduled time. They should then enter the Concert Hall, where changing is allowed in the bathrooms if needed. Unfortunately, dressing rooms are not available. When their class has a photo session, their teacher will escort them to the picture room.

Dress Rehearsal Audience Procedures

Each dancer is allowed to have one parent accompany them during dress rehearsal. The concert hall must remain silent at all times, and parents should sit in the far back of the concert hall. Non-flash photography and video recording  are permitted at Dress Rehearsal, but not at recital.

When posting on social media, please ensure that no other child besides your own is shown. Absolutely no food or beverages are allowed.

Recital day is a joyous celebration of the hard work and dedication of your dancers over the past year. To ensure that all dancers and families have a positive experience, it's important to follow procedures and expectations. Whether it's a stirring performance or a triumphant finale, recital day is always a special event!

Post-Show Drop Off
  • During Studio Dress Rehearsal Week, one parent is required to pick up one wristband (per family) from the front desk at the Studio.

  • Wristbands must be worn by the adult dropping off and picking up from backstage.

  • Any adults without a wristband will not be allowed entry backstage before or after the show.

  • All dancers must arrive 30 minutes prior to show start. 

  • All shoes and costume pieces should be labeled with your dancer's name. 

  • All students must arrive in costume with hair/makeup completed. Please wear a cover up over costume. (recital shirts work well for this)

  • Your class BANDs will have your dancers classroom assignment. Walk dancer to their assigned location. The room monitors will check you in. Please be sure that you have checked your dancer in for the safety of your dancer. Dancers ages 13 and up can check-in without a parent. 

Post-Show Pick Up
  • Following the Finale, parent with the wristband will pick the dancer up in assigned classroom.

  • Dancers are not allowed to leave assigned area until checked out by classroom monitor.

  • Please help dancer collect all of their items.

  • Please help clean the area by throwing away trash.

  • Dancers may keep items in the theater between shows on Saturday. Studio 360 is not responsible for lost or stolen items

Ballet Production Students
  • All ballet production students are required to arrive dressed and ready for warm up 60 minutes prior to show time. 

  • Ballet barre warm-up in the theater will begin 30 minutes prior to showtime. 

  • Backstage at Studio 360 is a special privilege reserved only for backstage volunteers and 360 Staff. 

  • All dancers involved in the show must remain backstage until the finale and there are no exceptions to this policy.

  • Parents and family members cannot come back stage during the show.

  • Dancers will be able to change in bathrooms and private areas, but must keep all belongings packed up in a bag and organized.

  • To keep the environment quiet, please ensure to pack some activities for your dancer to do while waiting backstage. 

  • Please note that Studio 360 is not responsible for any lost or stolen items

Professional Pictures

We are thrilled to be partnering with Jill Christine Photography! Families can choose to pre-order their photos online or wait to view them and purchase afterwards during the recital. For convenience, pictures will be directly mailed home to all families. No forms, cash, or checks will be collected during dress rehearsal!

For everyone's safety and comfort, Video/Photography are not allowed during the shows as they can be disruptive to other audience members and students. However, professional videographers and photographers will be present during the show and photographs will be available for purchase following the recital!

Picture Procedure

We need everyone to arrive on time for the dress rehearsal in order to keep everyone on schedule. If your student is late for their picture time, the group photo will be taken without them. Come prepared and be sure to arrive promptly – any delay will create a ripple effect that can disrupt the entire rehearsal.

My Hero and Me Dance

Remind your special person to save the date and join you on stage for an unforgettable experience! We are excited to open our doors to all dancers and their special persons, allowing them to perform together in our special event. Dancers can show off their best dance moves in costume and their special person will add a professional touch by wearing a 360 Recital Shirt, black pants/leggings, and clean black shoes. It's easy to take part - just sign up above and we will provide a video that teaches the routine. In addition, we will have a dress rehearsal so everyone can practice before taking the stage. Join us for this unique opportunity today!


At Studio 360, our parent volunteers play a crucial role in making our recitals a success. We deeply appreciate their help and support! It is essential to ensure that the performances run smoothly for all families, and our fantastic volunteers are instrumental in making this happen.

If you are volunteering for our recital, please keep in mind that you will not need a ticket to enter the show. Additionally, all volunteers must wear the "360 Backstage Crew" tag at all times while on site.


It is also important to remember that backstage is a very active place with over 350 students, which is why security, safety, and controlled chaos is our number one priority. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, all volunteers are kindly asked to arrive 90 minutes prior to show start time. For the privacy and comfort of our students, only female volunteers will be allowed in the girls' dressing room areas. It is also essential to note that volunteers are not to be left alone with any child at any time, nor should they ever dress or undress a child.

Finally, a Volunteer Audio/Video Orientation will be provided in May prior to the show weekend. This orientation will provide all of the details and directions necessary to volunteer effectively and ensure the success of the recital. Thank you in advance for your invaluable help and support

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