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Tap is the original “jazz dance” and is a fun rhythmic art form! At Studio 360 School of Dance we are excited to bring a fresh and fun tap atmosphere. Our tap classes are fast paced and energetic. Performance skills, musicality, and vocabulary increase by level

Class Details: 

Level placements is required by Studio 360 instructors. 



Leotards/Crop-tops/Spandex Shorts

Black Jazz/Tap Shoes

*Hair in tight secure bun is required

  • What ages are Regional Team dancers?
    Dancers can start at the age of 4 and can participate until they are 18!
  • How many competitions do Regional dancers compete at?
    Regional teams compete at 3 local competitions. All local competitions will be in Iowa. In addition, Regional teams will perform at Recital in June.
  • How many routines do Regional dancers compete?
    Regional dancers learn 1 to 3 routines. Family preference/budget will be taken into consideration when making placements.
  • Do all dancers make the Regional Team?
    Dancers will auditions for the team and a spot on a team is not guaranteed.
  • What apparel do I need?
    You can find all the 360 All Star apparel in the 360 Boutique! Shop in store or online!
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