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It's Costume Time @ 360! Here's What You Need to Know!

Caring for your dancers’ costumes

Do not iron your costume!! Even a cool iron can melt the fabric. Most costumes arrive wrinkled so they are steamed and bagged at the studio before being distributed to dancers. Hanging them in a steamy bathroom will remove most of the wrinkles if they need a touch-up before recital time.

Do not wear your costume! Please do not let your dancers wear their costumes until recital time. We cannot get replacements. Please hang them in a safe place until it’s time to wear them.

Label all costume parts! Tights, shoes, costumes, headpieces, etc. with your child's name. Since there will be a number of children backstage at the recital with the same costume, outfits can easily get mixed up or lost.

Keep accessories together! We suggest you keep all your costume parts together. One option is to place the accessories (headpiece, gloves, etc.) in a plastic zip-lock bag, poke a small hole through it, and hang it on the same hangar as the costume. Please make sure you have all of your costume accessories with you for the Dress Rehearsal and Performances.

It's important to leave ALL TUTUS hanging upside down on the hanger! This keeps the tutus from going "flat" as they hang on the hanger. Also please hang your costume away from other clothing to avoid "smashing" the tutu.

Alterations will be available at the studio if needed. Families can make alterations themselves as well.

Studio 360 Staff

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