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What Happens if My Dancer Arrives Late?

It happens to all of us! We get it! We have all been there! 380 traffic jammed, semi traffic jam, late pick ups, late busses, dog ran out the front door, Starbucks line was a mile long, you thought you had more time! We understand! Here are a list of some do's and don'ts when it comes to coming to late to dance class! This helps eliminate as much distraction as possible! At the end of the day we are happy that you made it to class! But we also want to respect other dancers and the class and minimize distraction.

If there is a reason you are going to be consistently late to class, please let us know and we can find you some alternative class times.


  • Get yourself completely ready (including shoes on) before entering the studio.

  • If age appropriate apologize for the tardiness to the teacher. End of class works best!

  • If class is in the middle of an exercise and or routine please wait to enter.

  • Stretch off to the side to properly warm-up before jumping into class.

  • Younger dancers parents please wait until class is in a transition before sending dancer in.


  • Open the door and announce that you are late and the reason and interrupt the instruction.

  • Please don't expect your teacher to stop what they are doing and catch you up to speed. Do your best to jump in.

  • Find spot behind another dancer so you can follow along.

  • Don't jump right in. Do jumping jacks, and stretches before doing leaps and other skills.

  • Ballet dancers stand off to the side and do some plie's and tendus before joining in.

We are learning and growing each day! Thank you for following these guidelines! See you at the studio!

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